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The Quality Online Tea Shop

  • Welcome to Pratty’s – the home of top quality tea with incredible health benefits, that taste incredible hot or cold. Everyone should have the chance to try only the best premium black, white and green tea, as well as exotic fruit teas and amazing benefits of herbal tea. That’s why I started Pratty’s; to share a wide variety of individual teas and carefully selected organic teas to refresh and revive you.
  • While the art of tea has been celebrated for centuries, it’s only recently that different kinds of tea have become widely appreciated. Fed up with dull tasteless tea blends, I put together a collection of exquisite teas, teaware and gifts to satisfy even the most ardent tea enthusiast.
  • It’s never been easier to buy organic tea or green tea online and delivered to your door. I’ve made the selection process as user-friendly as possible. Simply search for your favorite teas by flavour, or by their properties for health and wellbeing – then click through to energising teas or relaxing teas, whatever you’re looking for. I’ve got antioxidant rich teas as well as specially blended herbal teas to complement weight control, menopause and many other conditions. The choice is yours!
  • I’ve packed this website full of information about the health and wellbeing benefits of herbal teas, and there’s even a ‘Prattypedia’ section where you’ll find in-depth knowledge about the individual herbs that are blended into all of my premium loose-leaf teas.
  • As you might have guessed, I’m passionate about all types of tea, whether it’s an organic tea, a black tea or one of my exciting flavoured teas such as chocolate or ginger tea. Whether you’re looking for iced tea or a simple green tea online, one sip and you’ll be coming back to try some of my delicious fruit teas or herbal teas. Plus with names like ‘Get It Off Ya Chest’ and ‘Yummy Mummy To Be’, I hope to add a little extra enjoyment to your tea drinking too!
  • So take a look around! Stop by my blog for a bit more tea wisdom, you can ask me a question or send me a message. Plus check back here regularly because I often have special offers on a wide range of teas online.
  • Enjoy!

Who is Pratty?

Hello! I’m Leanne Pratt, but ever since school my friends have called me Pratty. And you know how nicknames go, sometimes they just stick. I’m a Naturopath, Herbalist, and proud mum of one little rat bag boy and ‘Billie Dog’ our Scottish Terrier - all of which I’m intensely passionate about. I also consider myself incredibly blessed to be living in beautiful New Zealand, doing what I love every single day, helping people feel good. More...

Herbal Tea and Tips for Cystitis (UTI’s)

Many people suffer from either occasional or frequent urinary tract infections and they can be very annoying or even potentially dangerous. A great way to help manage urinary tract infections is to drink herbal teas that have specific anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions on the urinary tract. More...

The real facts on Dandelion and Detoxing

I've been inspired to write this blog after getting a little frustrated about the mis-information that I read about 'Detox' teas and the in-correct parts of plants to use medicinally. There are 'Detox' teas on the market that claim the 'Dandelion Flowers' in their blends are great for their liver cleansing properties. More...